An essay on topics in the news and personal reflections from a Torah perspective

iFAQs on Pesach

Here are a few questions that are infrequently asked (iFAQs)

Binyamin Netanyahu Goes to the Kotel

News from the Jews

Shabbos Comes First

Why is it that Shabbos takes precedence over the Mishkan?

How to Drink on Purim: A Practical and Halachic Guide

When wine goes in, a secret goes out

On Getting Up In The Morning

The title pages of old editions of the Talmud depict two lions crouching on top of twin pillars.

From Paris to Tel Aviv

The Jews of France are taking their time.

How Was Your Shabbat?

A simple question, not something out of the SAT’s. But I couldn’t answer it.

Calendrically Correct, Or A Straightforward Look At Jewish History

It was a red-letter date in the history of political correctness.

On Boredom.

Boredom, the sociologist Robert Nisbet said, is the most neglected force in history.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Splitting of the Sea.

This bit of fun at Pharaoh’s expense isn’t just kid stuff.

The Jewish Angle: From Charles Hebdo to Har Hamenuchos

Sometimes you have to look carefully to find the “Jewish angle”

Banning Ridley Scott’s Exodus;

or, A Plague on Both Your Houses

Ghetto Thoughts

This week I learned of the project to restore the crumbling ghetto of Venice, and I wondered.

Why People Cry at Weddings

Why do people cry at weddings?