An essay on topics in the news and personal reflections from a Torah perspective

Good Yom Tov, And A Happy Redundancy To You Too!

“Why do we say ‘Good Yom Tov?’ ” my friend asked.

Some Infrequently Asked Questions About Yom Kippur

Why is it sometimes called Yom HaKippurim

Last-Chance Newsbriefs From 5775

For this week’s E-geress, the last issue of the Jewish year

The True Story Of How I Wrote This

Dave decided to issue an ultimatum---to God.

A Far-Out Question For Rosh Hashana

What do you do if you live in a place with few or no Jews

Was Winston Churchill Really A Great Man?

Once a manservant stood up to him.

Man of Steel

Speaking of technology, it occurred to me that two famous figures in the twentieth century were known as “Man of Steel.

A Summer Reading List

It’s the recommended reading of the Vilna Gaon himself

Kosher Meatless Days

No, this is not a vegetarian polemic against the horrors of eating meat.

Rashi’s Yartzheit & Other News

How did Rashi merit such a unique place in the gallery of great Torah scholars?

The Half-Full Cup Floweth Over

Looking at the half full/half empty glass and perceiving it as half full is by now a commonplace of popular psychology.

Connecting With The Haftorah

Sometimes the connection between the week’s Torah and Haftorah readings seems pretty clear cut. Sometimes not.

The Red Heifer Or, How Too Much Self-Knowledge Can Be A Wonderful Thing

Why is it that the Chofetz Chaim, one of the great Torah scholars of the modern era, is better known as a saint than as a scholar?

Where There Is No Vision

Maybe it’s because everything that has or will happen is imbedded in the words of the Torah

The First Billboard

We may be excused for thinking that advertising is a uniquely modern invention.

Numbers In The Wilderness

Aha! I thought. A Jewish literacy moment, perfect for E-geress!

Recipe for A Wonderful Shavuot

And here on earth, we exist by eating and drinking.

The Hidden World

Parsha Bechukosai

The Hopelessness of Philosophy or, What Zeno Knew That Michelle Obama Didn’t

Hope is a misfortune, said the Greek philosophers.

Torah on the Moon

This week---if appearances count---science at last won the remorseless, centuries-old struggle with religion.