An essay on topics in the news and personal reflections from a Torah perspective

Hang Your Anger On A Hanger

Johnson went so far as to claim, “I’ve never had the emotion of anger.

The Other Way to Light Hannukah Candles

You don’t have to be a Talmudic scholar to figure out why Hanukkah is so popular.

“Why Do You Have To Make A Face?”

Recently, I was accused of making a face.

Is God A Mathematician?

Mario Livio presents amazing evidence concerning the correlation between mathematics and the world

Jerusalem Is Burning.

8 Surprising Lessons from the Laws of Chanukah

A closer examination of the laws and customs of Chanukah yields some surprising insights.

"Thus Shall Be Your Descendants"

Syrian Greeks and their assimilated Jewish allies waged a brutal campaign to impose their alien way of life on the Jewish people .